Documentation Gerbers Graphic Bore
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The instruction of creating GERBER production files

  1. Eagle:
    Instruction is available >here< and the configuration file is available >here<
  2. Protel 99SE:
    Instruction is available >here<
  3. Protel 2004/DXP:
    Instruction is available >here< Please don't use CAM files
  4. Rimu:
    Instruction is available >here<
  5. KiCAD:
    Instruction is available >here<
  6. Inne programy:
    Please look up in your design programs the following options: CAM Manager, CAM Job, Plot

Select the appropriate layer:
  • mosaic: Top (sometimes Component) , Bottom (sometimes Copper )
  • soldiermask layers: Top Solder , Solder Bottom ( Stop Mask )
  • description layers: Top Overlay , Bottom Overlay ( Silkscreen , Silk , Component )
  • PCB outline: Keepout, Dimension

We recommend Extended Gerber or Gerber to be selected as the layers' format; parameters:
  • inch (imperial, english),
  • 2:3,
  • omit leading zeros,
  • absolute coordinates,
  • coding ASCII.

And the drill files – Excellon format (parameters like for the Gerber files), plus the tools file.
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