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PCB general rules

  1. The order is made on unstable documentation.
  2. We are able to produce one and two-layered boards.
  3. The standard size of our workpieces is 200mm x 350mm, but if your stated size is larger than the standard sizing, please contact us.
  4. The backing:
    • laminate: FR4
    • laminate's gr.: 0.2, 0.4, 0.8, 1, 1.5, 2mm
    • copper's gr.: 18um, 35um, 70um
    • others: can be negotiated
  5. Drills: 0.3mm – 5mm (larger holes are milled).
  6. PCB mosaic – standard requirements:
    • track width: 10miles
    • track & pad gap: from 10 miles
    • width of the ring around the holes: 10 miles
  7. PCB mosaic – critical values:
    • track width: 8miles
    • track & pad gap: from 8miles
    • width of the ring around the holes: 8miles
  8. Possible critical values only for special orders (valuated individually):
    • track width: from 3miles
    • track & pad gap: from 4miles
    • width of the ring around the holes: from 4miles
    • holes: from 0.2mm
    • descriptions: from 2 miles
  9. Extras:
    • solder mask (green, white, black, red, blue)
    • tinning (chemical, traditional HAL – hot air leveling)
    • milling (unusual shapes)
    • gilding



All of the costs related with prototype boards can be easily calculated with the:


>>How to deliver documentation to your order<<

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