Documentation Gerbers Graphic Bore
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How to deliver documentation to your order

How to deliver documentation to your order

1. GERBER files
Mosaic (tracks & soldier mask):
  • Mosaic (tracks & soldier mask)
  • Gerber (RS-274X, RS274) - preferred
  • Excellon
  • Sieb&Meyer
Drilling files:
  • Excellon (including the tools file) – preferred
  • Wessel
  • Sieb & Meyer

All the layers – view from the elements' side (from the TOP layer), not mirrored!

Instruction of the GERBER files' generalization are available >here<

2. Image files (PDF, other)
Since there is a need to convert an image to the format required for manufacturing, order costs will increase (depending on the complications and quality of provided files; 20 – 50 PLN tax excluded).
As it is for mapping the paths – it will be appropriate to the quality of documentation provided.

Information regarding the processing of image files are available >here<.


Additional notes:

  • onesided boards – if the designed layer is not a BOTTOM one, please let us know
  • plated boards – the designed bores should be increased by 0.1mm, compared to the final diameter
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